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The Mediterranean Diet

The Mediterranean Diet

The Mediterranean diet has gained popularity over the years as a healthy way of eating. It’s based on the traditional cuisine of the countries bordering the Mediterranean Sea, such as Italy, Greece and Spain.

After having my second child, I wanted to get rid of the kilo’s I gained during pregnancy. I realized I was not managing to get back in shape on my own so I sought help. A friend directed me to Salutissima. The advice and guidance I received from Salutissima turned out to be exactly what I needed. The diet Giulia advised was not a major change to my usual eating habits, it implied a few adjustments such as different proportions combined with slightly more physical activity – no heavy workouts but a walk outside a few times a week. Therein lies the power of Giulia’s approach, it aims to align as closely as possible to the individual’s current lifestyle. The advice taught how to balance carbohydrates, proteines, fat and vegetables, and how to compensate after having e.g. a piece of cake. The meetings with Giulia were incredibly motivating and valuable, she taught me about the mindfulness side of eating and how to adjust my own beliefs on how I look. I expected the diet to be very tough which it turned out not to be. At times it was hard work, but mainly I enjoyed sticking to the agreed because it made me feel really good. I lost the kilo’s I wanted to, felt healthy and good about myself and my self-confidence increased. Giulia is a very special and engaging woman and I am very grateful I have met her and thankful to her for what I/we have achieved.