About me

Giulia2My name is Giulia Schirru. I am Italian and I come from Rome. My husband is Dutch-Greek and we have two beautiful daughters. In 2004, I obtained my degree in Molecular Biology. In 2005,  I moved to the Netherlands and I worked in the pharmaceutical industry for many years. After our second daughter was born, I decided to follow my passion for nutrition and enhance my knowledge. I enrolled in  a Nutrition and Dietetics Master Programme in Rome. I specialized in the application of the Mediterranean Diet in the Dutch culture for the prevention and reduction of illnesses such as the metabolic syndrome.

I have been an enthusiastic cook in my spare time for many years. Sometimes I spend hours in the kitchen preparing an extensive four-course Italian menu, on other occasions I cook a quick and simple meal for the children or a healthy main course salad for myself. During our stay in Rome I decided to turn my hobby into my profession: I followed an extensive Italian cooking course and I obtained the diploma as “private chef”. My personal challenge in the kitchen is creating delicious and varied healthy meals using the right cooking techniques and my knowledge about food that cater for my clients’ need.

I decided to establish Salutissima so I can counsel and help people eat healthy and delicious food. As a biologist and nutritionist I have knowledge of food composition, the metabolism and the function of nutrients in the human body. As a qualified and passionate private chef, I know how to combine food and ingredients and how to provide advice about a tasty diet that will suit you and that you can follow long-term and with pleasure. But most of all I have established  Salutissima from the firm belief that the Mediterranean Diet can contribute to a long and healthy life.