I want personal dietary advice

VoedingsadviesDo you recognize yourself in one or more of the descriptions below?

  • You have been eating in the same way for years but suddenly you are experiencing physical complaints (gastrointestinal issues, heartburn, allergies, intolerance, etc.)
  • You have type 2 diabetes and you would like to know what you can eat so your body is better able to regulate the blood sugar
  • Your latest blood analysis shows that your cholesterol levels are too high and you want to lower them by means of a targeted diet
  • You are pregnant and you know exactly what you can and cannot eat. But do you know how much you can eat? What is the optimal ratio between the macronutrients in this special period of your life? What minerals and vitamins play an important role? How can you make sure that you are quickly fit and vital again after your delivery?
  • You exercise a lot and you are serious about your body but you have not found an optimal diet.

These are just a few examples, but there are plenty of other reasons to apply for dietary advice besides wanting to lose weight. Salutissima’s personal dietary advice is a tailor-made advice that does not primarily focus on weight loss but on a balanced and healthy diet that takes your own needs, medical condition and lifestyle into consideration. We will have a close look at your profile (illnesses, allergies, pregnancy, sport, etc.) and your tastes and lifestyle. I will then draw up a personal nutrition plan that you can follow long-term and with pleasure. I will counsel you for a certain period of time. The goal is to learn all about your body, nutrition and health after which you can make the right choices independently.