I want to lose weight

AfvalprogrammaDo you recognize yourself in one or more of the descriptions below?

  • You have been battling with your weight for years.
  • You have followed several diets but still you have regained the weight you have lost after a diet.
  • You eat more when you are stressed.
  • You are often tired and listless
  • You cannot do without sugar: the more sugar you eat, the more you need of it.
  • You exercise a lot but still you do not lose weight easily.
  • You do not want to risk your health by following an unbalanced, unreliable diet (for example a protein diet)
  • You want to follow a healthy diet and learn how to cook easy meals with fresh ingredients.
  • You want long-term results

Then the Salutissima weight loss programme is the programme for you. I can help you attain your healthy weight with a balanced, tailor-made programme that suits your lifestyle and that follows the guidelines of the original Mediterranean Diet.

We will establish a realistic and achievable goal. During our regular meetings we will discuss your progress and, if necessary, adjust your diet until you have achieved your goal. And, more importantly, I will help you maintain your weight.

What I believe, is that everyone has their own “healthy weight”, a weight you feel good about, you feel comfortable with, that makes you feel more energetic and makes you feel more successful.

It is not easy being on a diet, but I will counsel you and support and motivate you on your path towards your “healthier me”.