Weight loss programme

The rate of weight loss differs from person to person.  Some people lose weight quickly and easily, while other people lose weight slowly. The rigorousness of your diet, how often you exercise and the quality of your lifestyle determine how quickly you will lose weight. Unfortunately, you have no control over for example your basic metabolism. Proper counselling while being on a diet can make a huge difference: a detailed analysis of the weight loss progress, regular anthropometric measurements (for instance circumference measurements)  and meetings with your nutritionist will help you learn more about your body and your metabolism. Moreover, this well help you stay focused on your goals. You can read more about how I compose a weight loss programme on the weight loss programme page. Below you will find the pricelist.

Prices weight loss programme

Weight loss package €280 instead of €330

It is possible to buy a weight loss package at a favourable price. The package consists of: 1 intake interview, 1 dietary advice, 1 long consultation and 3 short consultations. It is a “kick-off” package for a great start of your diet. After this, we will decide in consultation how long you want me to monitor and counsel you.

Personal Dietary Advice

Personal dietary advice is tailor-made advice for each customer. You need a nutritionist if you have a certain medical indication (for example hypertension, hypercholesterolemia/hyperlipidaemia, diabetes, lactose intolerance, coeliac disease/gluten intolerance, gastrointestinal issues, etc.) or if you are a vegetarian, have fertility problems, if you exercise a lot, are pregnant or if you want to know more about your body and your metabolism. During the intake interview we will discuss your needs, your lifestyle and your goals . Based on this information, I will draw up an offer. We will determine in consultation how long you want me to monitor you during this process.

Prices personal dietary advice

Cooking workshops

In principle, the cooking workshops take place in Amstelveen, in my own kitchen, with a maximum of 5 participants. At your request it is also possible to follow the workshop at a specific venue (for example your home) provided that the facilities there are adequate. The price of the cooking workshops vary from €35 to €55 per person provided there are sufficient participants. Please contact me for more information.