Cooking workshops

kookworkshops-v3If you have ever been to Italy or if you have Italian friends, you will know that the kitchen is the most important room in the house! Mothers and daughters talk constantly when preparing a meal. Friends stop by and prefer to sit in the kitchen to have a coffee and catch up. And like I would do in Italy, I will open the doors of my kitchen in Amstelveen for Salutissima’s cooking workshops. We will cook Italian and Mediterranean food in small groups (max.5 people). The themes are varied: Italian classics such as lasagne, pastas, stuffed vegetables, arrosti, crostate and semifreddi, but also menus for families with children, meals for when you are on a diet, vegetarian dishes and much more..

The focus of my cooking workshops is on bringing flavours and health as closely together as possible. The cooking workshops are a unique mix of cooking and learning about health and ingredients. While we are preparing the pasta dough, I will tell you for example, how many eggs you are allowed to eat a week and why. I will explain why it is very smart and delicious to sprinkle a citronette dressing over certain vegetables and use fresh herbs when you are cooking legumes and why olive oil is very healthy.

Please contact me if you want to organise a tailor-made cooking workshop for a small group of friends or family, or if you want to follow one of the cooking workshops described below.

Possible cooking workshops:

  • Italian classics: You want to learn how to cook authentic recipes of the classic Italian kitchen such as for example: fresh pasta and ravioli, gnocchi, lasagne, verdure ripiene (stuffed vegetables), torte salate (savoury pies),  arrosti e involtini (roast joints), focaccie, crostate, tiramisú, panna cotta, etc.
  • Italian classics light: Light but delicious versions of authentic dishes such as spelt pasta and ravioli, lasagne without meat, savoury pies without the butter, tiramisu without eggs. For those who watch their weight but want to eat delicious food.
  • Legumes and the Italian kitchen: legumes such as beans (for example borlotti, cannellini), chick peas, lentils and peas are rich in carbohydrates, protein, B vitamins and minerals (such as iron, calcium and phosphor).  They have a high fibre content and they are low in calories. In this workshop you will learn how to create healthy starters, pastas, soups, main course salads, veggie burgers and much more using these healthy foods.
  • Delicious and healthy Italian meals in 30 minutes: You like cooking, but you have little time. In this workshop you will learn how to create quick, healthy, simple yet tasteful meals that take little time to prepare. For those who  quickly want to put a healthy and delicious meal on the table.
  • Fresh cooking for children: Children will grow on food from jars. Yet a paste prepared with fresh vegetables, meat or fish tastes completely different. And actually, it takes little time to cook a meal if you have the right ingredients and the right cooking techniques. In this workshop  you will learn how to cook simple and quick meals for your children of all ages (baby food: 6- 8 months, 8-12 months, 12-18 months, 18- 24 months, 24+ months).
  • Mediterranean snacks (“finger-food”):  These past few years more and more people enjoy eating a number of snacks instead of a large meal. Together we will cook a number of savoury and sweet snacks for a surprising aperitivo or a finger food dinner with your friends, think stuffed focaccie, bruschette, small roasts, mini desserts.
  • Spread the bread: Mediterranean spread on your sandwich, but 100% homemade, because the spreads you buy at the supermarket usually contain hidden sugars, preservatives, lots of salt and e-numbers. Think of the classic pesto and varieties thereof, vegetable spread, legume spread, but also homemade peanut butters, hazelnut pastes and jams.
  • Reading food labels and assessment of food: reading ingredients on food labels to be able to make an assessment of the products is becoming more and more important if you want to eat healthily and responsibly. You can learn all about e- numbers, hidden sugars, light products , pre and probiotics, fibre rich products and super foods during my workshop.

Please  contact me for more information.