Weight loss programme

Salutissima’s weight loss programme follows the principles of the Mediterranean Diet. It is a balanced diet and this means that all three macronutrients are included: carbohydrates, proteins and fats. The ratio between the macronutrients, the quantities and the choices of food, however, play an important role and they differ per person and per situation. Salutissima’s weight loss programme does not constitute a “crash-diet” in which you will lose 10 kilos per month, which, by the way, is very unhealthy. You will lose weight step-by-step, in a healthy manner and you will learn how to maintain your weight for the long term and prevent the yo-yo effect.

Salutissima’s weight loss programme consists of three stages.

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Stage 1. Determination of the client’s needs

Intake interview: During the intake interview (which takes 1.5 hours) we will discuss your eating habits, your “weight history”, your lifestyle and goals. I will also carry out a body analysis (fat percentage, muscles and fluid, waist-hip ratio, BMI etc.).

Stage 2. Follow the diet

Start diet: Your diet will start a week after our intake interview. During our session (which takes 1 hour) we will discuss the diet and the first week of the diet. You will receive a weekly menu with simple but delicious recipes.  If you have  a social gathering with drinks or a  business dinner, I will give you advice about the smartest choices.

Days 1, 2 and 3 of your diet: Well begun, is half done! I will call you at the end of days 1, 2 and 3 to inquire how the diet is going and how you are feeling. You can ask questions and if necessary we can adjust your diet. It is very important that the diet suits your lifestyle.

First month of your diet: During the first month of your diet we plan weekly appointments. We will discuss the progress of the diet and at each meeting, I will carry out a body analysis. If necessary, we adjust the diet.  The goal is that you enjoy following the diet at the end of the first month, that you feel good about it and that you have more energy while you are losing weight.

Next months of your diet: After the first month we will meet regularly but less frequently. During each meeting I will carry out a detailed body analysis and we will discuss the progress of the diet until you have achieved your goal!

Stage 3. Weight maintenance

If you have ever been on a diet, you will know that this is the hardest stage. During a diet you know exactly how much and what you can eat, but after that? How do you have to adjust your eating habits to prevent weight gain? How often can you eat dessert? Can you eat the food you were not allowed to have while you were on  your diet?

Your personal nutrition plan: During this stage, we will adjust your diet in such a way that it will become a personal nutrition plan that you can follow long-term and with pleasure. You will learn how to make choices so that you can maintain your weight  and avoid the yo-yo effect. Together we will determine how long I will monitor you during this stage. The goal is that you will know exactly how to maintain your healthy weight independently at the end of this stage.

It is also possible to take cooking classes (in a group or privately) in healthy and delicious Mediterranean cooking.