Type 2 diabetes

DiabetesWhen you have diabetes, the body is no longer able to regulate the blood sugar. In healthy people, the blood sugar is regulated by the insulin hormone. In the past elderly people usually contracted type 2 diabetes, but now more and more younger people, even children, get this type of diabetes, as a consequence of which diabetes has become the most common chronic disease in the Netherland (The Dutch National Institute for Public Health and the Environment):

  • There are approximately 1 million people who are afflicted with diabetes in the Netherlands.
  • 750,000 Dutch people are at risk of getting type 2 diabetes: they have an imbalanced sugar metabolism. A third of them will contract diabetes within six years.
  • Facing up to the growth and the ageing population of the Netherlands, the prevalence of diabetes is expected to further increase by 34% in men  and 32% in women between 2011 and  2030.

Diabetes is a chronic disease that causes many other problems: diabetes has a domino-effect. Many people with diabetes may also contract cardiovascular disease, kidney failure and visual impairment.

There is scientific evidence that the  Mediterranean Diet lowers the risk of developing type 2 diabetes. Recently, a comprehensive meta-analysis has shown that the body is better able to regulate the blood sugar when people with type 2 diabetes follow the principles of the Mediterranean Diet. Moreover, the Mediterranean Diet also contributes to weight loss in this group of people and to higher values of HDL cholesterol or  the “good” cholesterol (Ajala, O. et al (2013). American Journal of Clinical Nutrition).